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Bel Air Dance Academy offers:
-a Youth Program for ages 3-5
-Professional dance instruction for ages 6-18
-Dance and Fitness classes for adults
See below for our SPRING Class schedules:

Dress Code:

Youth Dancers (3-5 year olds):
                                             -Solid colored leotard (any style),
                                             -Pink tights
                                             -Pink ballet slippers (canvas or leather).
                                             -Skirts allowed but must be detachable.

                                             -White t-shirt
                                             -Black dance pants
                                             -Black ballet slippers

                                             -Solid colored leotard
                                             -Pink or tan tights. Bare legs and socks also                                                                                                acceptable.
                                             -Black tap shoes (style left to personal preference)
                                             -Dance shorts are permitted

                                             -Solid colored leotard
                                             -Pink or tan tights. Bare legs and socks also                                                                                                acceptable.
                                             -Black jazz shoes
                                             -Dance shorts are permitted 

                                             -Solid colored leotard
                                             -Tan tights (convertible or footless)
                                             -Dance shorts are permitted

***Our 6-18 ballet dancers are required to purchase their leotards*** 
through us, as they are a uniform.
They also need pink tights and pink ballet slippers. 

Come and see us at the school to register, located at:
102 N. Main Street, Suite 104
Bel Air, MD 21014. 
Email to make an appointment at: belairdanceacademy@yahoo.com.
Please consult Samantha Trzcinski for class recommendations and/or placement questions. 

BDA features
Rolling Enrollment!!!

Students are welcome to join anytime during a session
Click here to download the
SPRING Adult Dance Schedule!

Click here to download the
SPRING Youth Schedule!

Click here to download the
6-18 SPRING Schedule!

Click here to download the
Soloist Package Information!